5 Ways To Hide The Details Of Your Affair After Your Wife Finds Out

hide your affairHide Your Affair

Cover up cheating: It was only once

My wife and I have been married for over 25 years, and I have been having on and off affairs for the last decade. Despite being very careless in my cheating, my wife does not seem to care about my infidelity enough to catch me in the act. Overall I’ve managed to cover up my cheating ways by acting super busy at work and inventing a number of business trips every year. Since my wife and I have not been intimate for over a decade (maybe a few times here and there), I’ve taken it upon myself to find sex elsewhere. However, I never engage in any relationships that last longer than a few weeks because I’m not looking for a wife, I already have one.

Cover it up: No proof no foul

When you cover up your affairs and sexual relationships in an efficient manner, there really isn’t any reason why your wife should find out about your cheating ways. However, if your wife were ever to find our after your infidelity, it is important to know how to cover up the details of your affair so that she can’t start tracing them back to a decade ago. If you’re sleeping with different women every time, the best way to hid the details to your affair is to always delete and block their number after the deed is done. This will stop them from being able to reach you and leave a texting trail.

Having to cover up an affair in hopes of being forgiven

When I first started cheating on my wife, I made a couple of mistakes here and there. But my biggest one was when I went on a trip to Bowral-Mittagong and ordered room service for two. Thinking nothing of it, I ordered champagne, meals, breakfasts, and a couple’s massage, all of which got charged to my personal credit card. Yet for some reason, the hotel sent in their personal receipt to my adress, and my wife flipped out when she read the charges. In order to cover up the affair, I called the hotel and told them they overcharged me by one person, stating that I had been alone the entire time. They didn’t believe me of course, but I sent a little bribe money their way and then they apologized to my wife for their mistake.

Is your affair over now?

If you get caught cheating by your wife, you need to hide all of the details to your affair so that she will believe it was your first time cheating on her. If she believes that it is your first and only time having an affair, she will be more likely to forgive you.

Make sure she doesn’t know how many times you cheated on her

Cheating on your wife isn’t the best idea, but if you’re in an unhappy marriage and your wife doesn’t want to sleep with you, you’re probably going to start cheating on her. In order to cheat on her without getting caught, you can never leave behind a paper or electronic trail. If there is never any proof that you are cheating on her, she can never divorce you (unless she just wants to).