Is Working Late Code For Cheating?

cheating at workplaceWorking Late VS Cheating

So he started working late out of the blue

My husband and I have been married for over 10 years, and I must say that I consider our marriage to be a happy one. Because of this I was shocked when my husband started coming home late from work, claiming that they had received a large number of new accounts. At first I thought that his working late would only last for a week or two, or until the accounts were settled, but he is still coming home late from work months later. I would understand if he was coming home an hour or two later every night, but he’s been coming home after 8:00 pm and missing supper with the kids and I for weeks on end. I don’t want to ask him about it because he seems really stressed and he is the sole provider for our family since I’m a stay at home mom.

Is he having a workplace affair?

I can’t help but think that my husband is having a workplace affair and this is because he has continuously been coming home late for months now. On top of that, he has stopped bringing lunches to work, making me believe that he is going to eat with someone every single day. If he is having a workplace affair I won’t be able to bear it, and because of this I’ve refrained from asking about it. If he was having a workplace affair I would find it in my heart to forgive him, but he needs to come clean soon or he is going to miss his chance.

Could he be cheating at work? Bust him

It is becoming more and more clear to me that my husband is cheating on me at work with a coworker. I know this because the other day when he kissed me when he got home, he smelt like another woman’s perfume. I’ve decided that he’s had enough time to come clean and apologize for his affair, and so I am planning to surprise him at his work in Saskatoon soon to see what is going on.

Cheating at the workplace: It’s so cliche

By now, I am convinced that my husband is cheating on me at the workplace and I am surprised because he’s not being very discreet about it. Coming home late every week night is not really a smart move — If he wanted to get away with cheating he should have only done it once or twice a week. The other day, I asked him why his boss wasn’t giving him morning’s off since he was all of a sudden working nights, and he got super defensive about it, saying that he was first in line for a promotion and that he needed to show how dedicated he was. I couldn’t help but feel bad about bringing it up — is that what he wanted?

Is working late an excuse for him to cheat?

I really feel as though his working late is an excuse to cheat on me with a coworker. The other day, I peeked at his pay stub to see if he was getting paid for his overtime and he wasn’t. Last night, I decided to put my doubts to rest and drove to his work to catch him cheating, but his car wasn’t in the parking lot and the building’s security guard told me that no one ever works late in that building.